What’s a Blog Strategy & Should I have one?

Marketers will tell you, it’s essential to blog and you should be doing it, especially if you want to be known as an expert in your field. What does that do? It can help to establish credibility, which in the long run can help you gain new customers. Is posting just a blog about some topic you know the best way to go about this? We don’t think so, there are far bigger benefits to blogging. Developing an organized blog strategy can transform your marketing efforts, and ensure that if there is any company turnover your marketing won’t miss a beat.

Keyword research

We begin by doing some keyword research, you could even think of making a keyword map to figure out what you should be targeting. After you’ve selected your keyword, you have to figure out which topic you will cover. Creating a content calendar for the month, and figuring out what topic you want to cover for the accompanying week is a great strategy. You can use tools like Trello, Hootsuite, or Buffer (some of our personal favorites)


Your first action should be to ensure that your blog is centered on your keyword, meaning you have it somewhere in your URL & title. You should also consider using it through your H1-h6 headings in your blog post. A common mistake is when people create blogs, they just bold and make the font bigger on headings, and expect that to suffice. You’re missing out on SEO compatibility when you do that, so instead make those headers relevant with H1-h6 (H1 being the most relevant, usually around your keyword, and so on) Most website platforms usually contain easy to use tools where you can just highlight and change it to the accommodating header, but if not, contact your web developer to figure out how to add it in with HTML.

There are many tools that you can use to help improve your SEO. We personally love using YOAST SEO plugin, it’s simple to use and it can help you walk you through how to correctly set up the SEO for a page or post, complete with tips and tools.

Photo SEO

You also want to ensure that you have photos or videos embedded into your post or page and that you have added an ALT image tag to those. If you’re not a graphic designer and don’t have access to one, what can you do? Some great photo tools we love to use:

  • bigstockphoto.com- For all of your stock photo needs, great pricing
  • Canva.com – easy graphic designing, complete with templates and premade graphics
  • freepik.com- easy to use graphic design templates, for use with Adobe
  • hopperhq.com – IG photo posting tool, doesn’t violate any terms or go against the API

Tools like Yoast will also let you know how many times your keyword should be used, as you don’t want to keyword stuff.

What topics should I cover?

If keyword research isn’t good enough for you, you can take it a step further and use your social media platforms as a way to crowdsource topics. Ask your customers or potential customers what topics they’re always confused about and would like to know more information on. Join FB groups that you can ask questions, without coming off like too much of a salesperson. There are so many avenues that you can use to figure out what topics to blog about, there really is no excuse to not have any content (in our opinion)

Too Complicated?

That may sound like a lot, but the benefit is that you can think of your blog as a traffic generator if done correctly. Whenever people search for terms or topics, you can show up in the results regardless of how old the blog post is, if your content provides value. There is no one size fits all blog strategy, but this is a solid foundation and you can always tailor it to fit your needs.