March 12, 2020


Good evening.  My name is Booker T. Walton III, Owner of Mountaineer Technology Consultants.  I thought it prudent considering the massive preparations being taken in the United States as well as the pandemic around the globe regarding COVID-19, and the way it is going to affect business, to lay out some guidelines for moving forward with remote workers.

First, I want to say
that Mountaineer Technology Consultants is prepared to assist businesses, both non-profit
and for profit in any way to meet the needs for remote presence for office
workers forced to stay at home due to business measure put in place by their
employers and organizations.  The need to
slow down the potential infection curve of this virus will certainly necessitate
businesses to consider alternative methods for their employees to continue to

Pertaining to this
matter, Mountaineer Technology Consultants would like to advise the following
recommendations to make sure that businesses and organizations can continue to function
during the likely event of coronavirus quarantines:

  • Make sure workers have adequate computers to
    work away from the office, with enough bandwidth to be able to connect to
    cloud-based apps and in-office resources. 
    In some cases, this may require a hot spot with enough bandwidth and
    plan to allow off site employees be able to work.  The investment in technology and bandwidth
    can make or break a business forced to off-site work.
  • Implement a VPN for in-office resources, or
    another form of secure remote access, especially when wanting to access
    in-office computers.  Having a system to
    remote into in-office resources will be necessary if there are things hosted on
    a server within the office.
  • Communication is essential.  Whether you use a platform like Slack, or Microsoft
    Teams, or some sort of intraoffice communication that works outside the office,
    the ability to interact within office environment apps is an absolute essential.  If it has video where people can communicate
    face to face, even better.  Making sure
    your users have a small computer camera or one that comes as part of a laptop
    is ideal.
  • Invest in strong antivirus/anti-malware/anti-ransomware
    software to eliminate potential security breaches and infections to both
    employee computers and workplace resources. 
    Make sure you’ve educated your
    workforce on phishing emails and website scams that could potentially
    compromise your critical data.  Setting a
    technology policy with your staff that includes the noted items establishes a clear
    criterion for their work.

Mountaineer Technology
Consultants stands ready to help any organization or business who needs
assistance as they prepare to maintain business productivity during this
unprecedented public health crisis.  If
there are any questions that a company may have concerning missives they may
need to take, or technology concerns in organizing for the potential of from
home workplaces during this emergency, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  My email address is, and our phone number is (304) 263-6999.  MTC is a community resource in this time of
need for not only our customers, but anyone who stands to need help in this time
of preparedness.

I wish for everyone to
stay in good health, and to take care of themselves and their loved ones as we
come together are a community to make sure this public health crisis is weathered
by our community.  Thank you for your


Booker T. Walton III
Owner, Mountaineer Technology Consultants, LLC