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Mountaineer Technology Consultants, LLC was formed in 2016 by Booker T. Walton III, the culmination of an idea shared between friends. With a vision of helping to bring the masses into the information age comfortably, Booker has for the last 20 years been helping provide IT solutions for individuals and small businesses, gaining the trust of hundreds of clients, empowering them to use technology to their advantage, instead of being overcome by the need of technology’
Doing this in his spare time and off hours, Booker always envisioned a time in which this would be his full-time business but knew he could not provide every need by himself. He inquired if he would be interested in an ownership opportunity and a chance to work for himself, given his skill set in web development and custom coding. Justin agreed and at that point, the foundation was laid for Mountaineer Technology Consultants..
Booker Walton

Booker Walton

Majority Owner

Andrew King

Andrew King

Solutions Integrations Specialist

Jacob Masters

Jacob Masters

Digital Marketing Intern

Booker WaltonMajority Owner

Booker T. Walton III brings over 16 years of experience in the field of Information Technology Consulting. Booker began his technology career with the West Virginia Network for Educational Telecomputing as a Network Operator, moving to Senior IT Consultant, and ultimately managing day to day operations over critical Government and Education infrastructure as Manager of Data Centers. While working at WVNET, Walton was heavily used as a Consultant working with the State Department of Education, where he worked prominently on securing WVNET acceptance for two Federal Communications Commission E-Rate contracts for K-12 Schools as well as their partnership with Advantage Technologies.

During his tenure at WVNET, Walton help establish a partnership with Columbia Pictures to bring digital content to underserved counties within West Virginia without needing broadband internet access. Regular monthly meetings with the President of Columbia Pictures, George Cooney led Walton to establish this new software in several counties in West Virginia, including, Upshur, Wetzel, Summers, Wyoming, and Barbour counties. Walton server as the Technology Consultant for WVNET on this project for these counties, providing routine trainings for teachers, principals, and superintendents. He also represented the West Virginia Network in a Federal Communications Commission hearing in Washington, DC pertaining to the effectiveness of this technology for inclusion as an E-rate eligible technology for secondary schools nationwide.

Walton also served as Master of Ceremonies for 3 West Virginia Statewide Technology Conferences for the Department of Education, and 2 West Virginia Higher Education Technology Conferences for the Higher Education Policy Commission. Walton was ultimately asked to serve on the West Virginia Broadband Council by the Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration for WVHEPC, Matt Turner, before ultimately leaving WVNET in August of 2017.

These experiences while running a IT Consulting Firm, Unique Tech Consulting, LLC, paved the way for the formation of Mountaineer Technology Consultants, a four partner, full-service IT company, that provides consulting services for hardware, software, networking, cloud-based services, website design, digital marketing, social media, and search engine optimization. Serving as majority owner of MTC, Walton works with a range of clients from individuals, to small businesses, to large companies, demonstrating a firm understanding of what is needed to sustain technological growth for companies of all sizes, ranging from the private and public sector, to government entities. More information is available at https://www.mountaineertech.com/

Walton holds a variety of certifications, including Certified Data Center Management Professional, Knowledge Centered Support Principles, Support Center Manager Certified, as well as educational certifications such as Blackboard Course Graphical User Interface Administrator.